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In the bid to bring into reality the dreams of 25 young people in Nigeria, within the first quarter of the year, TwentyFiveWishes initiative was launched at Clear Essence California Spa & Wellness Resort, Ikoyi Lagos on the 2nd of April, 2016.

An initiative of Queen Martins, TwentyFiveWishes was borne out of her desire to create a platform that will grant the career wishes of young people under thirty, who aspire to be skilled or up-skilled in their area of passion. TwentyFiveWishes is designed to inspire and motivate young people to be dogged in pursuit of their dreams. It presents a platform through which dynamic young individuals can meet and engage with industry influencers, as well as receive business set-up.

The process involves three phases. First is the training phase, in which wishers will be attached to different wish granters for specific periods of training. After this will follow a showcase where wishers will have the opportunity to showcase themselves on premium industry platforms. The third phase is the last phase where wishers will be equipped with work tools to facilitate their businesses.

The twenty-five wishers were selected from a list of referrals and personal requests sent in. The wish team screened these referrals and requests on their merit. In order to be eligible, individuals must demonstrate passion in the particular field in which they desire intervention.

The founder of TwentyFiveWishes, Queen Martins said, “This initiative is a part of our strategy to encourage and create empowerment for the youths in Nigeria. The launch, which was well attended, will serve as a benchmark for subsequent ones. It is time for the youths to step up their game and stop stifling their dreams. At TwentyFiveWishes we believe that the quality life of our youths can be better enhanced if they are empowered and given the right opportunities.”

She further said TwentyFiveWishes has partnered with different industry leaders including Kelechi Amadi Obi, Zapphaire events, Africa Fashion Week Nigeria (AFWN), Beat FM, Ginani, Sun of the Soil, Lagos Photo Festival, Lady Biba, Montaigne place, House of TARA, OSC college of fashion, August Udoh, Mona Matthews, Okunoren Twins, Jide Odukoya, The Voice Photography, Nlele Institute, and Elmoor Consult in order to grant the wishes of our wishers.” she added.

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